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One Million Samples

Watching the sample counter, I noticed that we have ticked over the 1 million mark. Ordinarily I'm not one for making a big deal about big round numbers, but I think this one has some special merit. There has been a lot of work to make this happen from a lot of people. Offensive Computing has been running for a little over 4 years now. It started out as a small website with big dreams. That turned into one with more of a focus on large numbers of samples. I can remember conversations with friends about how amazing it was when we had a thousand, ten thousand, and forty thousand samples. Each increment of size added more complexity to the system. There is no better way to learn about scaling issues than to run a public site like this.

It has always been our hope that this site has been a resource to the reverse engineering and malware analysis community. As always we enjoy interacting with everyone whether it be at conferences, training we've taught, twitter, or just email.

Thank you for all your support in creating this resource. Happy 1 million samples!

Danny Quist

Happy this great event ;),

Happy this great event ;), hope to see you luckier than ever Danny and personally I hope I can help to you and this great malware r&d community ...




Doing my thesis without this site would have been close to impossible, thanks a million!

That made my day, thanks!

That made my day, thanks!

linux malware

hi i need malware for linux RHEL and ubuntu for research purpose
i ahve got windows malware but they are an exe form and cannot get executed on linux
so pl provide me samples
or some website containg the repository of linux malware samples
my mail id is