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Need suggestions for research paper...


Hi All,

Need help thinking of a topic to write a research paper on. My area of focus is mobile computing and security/malware. Looking for suggestion on research areas related to malware and mobile computing, any help would be really appreciated, having a bad case of researchers block. If your interested in co authoring a paper please let me know.


Research topics / Colab

For research ideas, check out the text from Ross Anderson. I referred to it here:

If your interest in colab persists, please email me with additional information.

malware and mobile computing

malware and mobile computing, wow, hot topic, it would be adventagous to look at the number of devices by OS count, access to internet and connectivity options (such as bluetooth and wifi) this could give you a guiding hand on possible transmission mechanisms.

Let me know if you need a hand :)



how about attacking

how about attacking jailbroken iPads? ooo