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need a bunch of obfuscated javaScripts


Hi all,
I'm looking for some sample obfuscated malicious javaScripts for my (de)Obfuscating practises,
myself while surfing in some pron sites, I hunt some samples, but i've been analyzed that and couln't find anymore, could you please upload a bunch of them for me?
thanks ;)

it's critical for me, I know

it's critical for me, I know some people here could help me, then please if you can help put them here .

Here are a bunch of samples

Here are a bunch of samples of various exploits and stuff. They are in various stages of deobfuscation so if you want to do it yourself you will need to go in an look at what has changed. It will be fairly obvious in most, usually replacing an eval or document.write or something. rar password is infected, I had to put it in a zip because mediafire doesn't like passworded archives.