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How to compare against


I have a modest collection of recent malware, about 100.000 samples - I wanted to see what percentage of my samples actually appear in the latest WildList, from October 2009, found at:

Is there a way (method, tool, etc.) to do this - in its current form (my md5 hashes vs generic virus name listing of WildList) this seems an impossible task.


It doesn´t matter what

It doesn´t matter what information you got (MD5, SHA-1 or whatever hash). WildList detection names are "invented" so it´s impossible to compare them with anything.

Could you elaborate?

I don't quite understand what you mean by "invented" - could you please explain?

Identification names does

Identification names does not correspond to any antivirus. They create the names.

OK, understood ... so

OK, understood ... so effectively the WL has no use, right?

If you don´t belong to

If you don´t belong to WildList organization, not really.