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Buster Sandbox Analyzer 1.0 release version

I released Buster Sandbox Analyzer 1.0.

Buster Sandbox Analyzer is a malware analyzer using Sandboxie as environment to run programs.

You can follow the development of the tool here:

And you can download the tool from here:

Reading the manual before using the tool is necessary.


hi virusbsuter,

just wanted to say thanks for the BSA post. Just setting up my first analysis lab and is a great start.
more experienced at removing malware than installing it! :)

I´m glad you like

I´m glad you like it.

With the help of BSA, removing malware can be pretty easy. You just need to run BSA to know what files are added to hard disk and what entries are changed at registry. With that information, creating a malware remover is not difficult.

I plan to release a new version very soon with more behaviour detections. Follow the post in Sandboxie´s forum to know when new version is out.

If you have any suggestion or comment you can drop a comment in the mail appearing in the About.


Version 1.01 has been

Version 1.01 has been released.

I have added backdoor and keylogger detection features and other stuff.

I have created a website for

I have created a website for the tool. You can visit it here:

Released Buster Sandbox

Released Buster Sandbox Analyzer 1.02.

Change list:

Added MD5, SHA1 and SHA256 hashing when file to process is specified

Added custom registry entry checking

Added a feature to check for updates

Fixed a few bugs in Buster Sandbox Analyzer

Fixed a bug in LOG_API library

Released Buster Sandbox

Released Buster Sandbox Analyzer version 1.07

Change list:

Added detection of new malicious activities
Updated BSA.DAT
Updated LOG_API library