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Home - is it down for you ?

hey, I don't know what's happening but when I want to access , I get no success .
what's the matter ?
do you know what's the problem !?
do you have the same problem ?
is this website is goining to be closed ?

Same problem here.

Same problem here.

oh, great, it's now up ;-)

oh, great, it's now up ;-) .
thnx. Down again !!

Looks like down again..can't access on 24/25 Feb 2010

Hopefully it's not gonna be closed as it's not just for the blackhats,there're stuffs for the whitehats & researchers in there too.Btw,they still have the message "BAD NEWS: Harddrive failed and our backup is from 23 January 2010" in the home...may be some issues with that..may be not. moving ! server is moving to a different country.

E-mail from leaseweb - was hosted there.

Thanks for inquiring about As you know the website
distributes malware source code and executables, and also included
a marketplace for botnets, both activities are against Dutch Law (via
the Cybercrime treaty) and against our AUP and TOS.

As the website was under investigation by local authorities,
we choose to not close it down as to not hamper their investigations.
These investigations have since been concluded so we have said
goodbye to this client. The website should not be available from the
LeaseWeb AS anymore.

Kind regards,

Alex de Joode
Security Officer
LeaseWeb B.V.
P.O. Box 93054
1090 BB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

M: +31 (0)6 1188 0685
T: +31 (0)20 316 2880
F: +31 (0)20 316 2890
W: is BACK !

nameserver moved to