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When doing malware analysis must had mastered ASM first ?

Hi all, i need some enlightment about malware analysis, is it true
when we doing some malware analysis we must first mastering the ASM ?, cause
honestly i'm not master on ASM and just understand a bit of Opcode and some registers on the ASM. Or we can just learn that while we doing malware analysis.

Thanks a lot and sorry for asking this question.


I personally learned

I personally learned assembly by reverse engineering malware like you describe. If you learn the basics (like branching, math, calls) you can do pretty well. I encourage my students to not look at assembly so much when they're first learning it.

I agree with Danny, the

I agree with Danny, the better way to learn asm is to debug,
watch registry changes, value changes effects of system and so on.

The rest it's only a matter of patience and dedication :)