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Morfeus F*cking Scanner

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Hello, I am trying to find out what exactly is behind the flurry of "Morfeus Fucking Scanner" web-vulnerability scans going on out there. After some research, a lot of people are reporting seeing it but no-one seems to be reporting or linking to an actual tool responsible.

Does anyone have more information on the tool? Any possibility of getting a copy?



i have this scanner, it's use RFI. contact if u want it :YM no_lynx

Morfeus F^ckin scanner is

Morfeus F^ckin scanner is used for RFI as mentioned earlier, encountered it while doing IR for a client. A whois will redirect you to (around this time or earlier in 2008)
Not sure if the website is still alive, must be down by now... It was coded based on libwww-perl for scanning php vulns, mostly RFI types.


Remember there is alwayz someone who knows more than us out there


Hi V3RiTaS, I'd like to contact you about this, but can't seem to IM you. Any other way?