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Would like to find How to test an antivirus soft


I have some antivirus software and I need to run some tests to find out which one is better on my pc and how to find if those antivirus/antimalwares have bugs. I never done such kind of test so how a newbie can do this safely. I never had ant training or courses. I so some trying to run tests on 2000-7000 malwares samples, I dont think that I can infest my pc with such malwares to not get ruined. So How to start a test rather just scanning my pc and how to show which antivirus/antimalware is better. Is there a basic rule?
Many Thanks.


I'd first recommend getting VMware. If you do not know how to handle malware, I'd recommend either not doing any testing or unplug your computer from the network. You could laboriously install the AV software in a virtual machine and then take a snapshot, run the malware, analyze, then revert the snapshot. Your best bet is to ask around on AV-Comparatives' forums:

Sorry I can't provide more details. Good luck.

I smell a train wreck in the

I smell a train wreck in the works :>