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What AV in your opinion is the best

3% (4 votes)
9% (13 votes)
4% (6 votes)
33% (49 votes)
4% (6 votes)
7% (10 votes)
7% (10 votes)
10% (15 votes)
Anything else that's not included ??
17% (25 votes)
What's an Anti-virus anywayz :))
6% (9 votes)
Total votes: 147

bitdefender in conjunction with kaspersky (nt)

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"Anything else that's not included ??" ==> None

Please, next time, try to let us answer "None".
...or ask the question differently (like "What AV in your opinion is the worst").

It's common knowledge that

It's common knowledge that they are all terrible. I suppose we should have asked which is the least of all evils? :)

Kaspersky is the best Antivirus if we can only choose one.

Signature Detection would always be the best detection method. Kaspersky is the master of signature detection.
Hourly Updates & has the most complete & most no of records & library of mallware of all antivirus vendors.
See link below.

Signature detection is also

Signature detection is also a largely solved problem. So it's a matter of who can produce the most signatures in the shortest amount of time, or who can get around those pesky computationally undecidable problems.

Defence In-Depth

I would concur with none of the AV vendors products being the best, however, you should have some sort of protection. I personally use 3 AV, yes they do all sit quite nicely together and yes it does have a performance impact on the machine. You should never be limited to just one security product, exercise your right to choose and when it all goes wrong, your right to complain to the vendor and if you are willing point them in the correct direction and give advice.

Defence is like an ogre, they both have layers.



The best Anti-Virus is always the human brain ;)
My second choice is antivir as it's detecting alot of stuff with their Heuristics (mostelikely false positives :O), but it's small and running smoothy without eating alot of mem/cpu resources like kaspersky does.

In my opinion Antivir is fine for most cases.. Products like Kaspersky (who are inspecting every single file before execution) are too oversized and to resource-unfriendly and only for the paranoid people :-)


Panda has good detection

Panda has good detection rate but not thorough I use that cause it is free.

Rating Antiviruses

I also test the antiviruses myself. I know the best is probably F-secure for detection and thoroughness with a blocking of 54 out of 55 zero day threats. Then Bitdefender with a blocking of 50 out of 53 zero day threats and removal of 80% of the system with repairing of components and great features. Then is Panda with an 59 out of 65 zero day threats, but with a high detection rate and a firewall with a blocking of 20 out of 20 exploits. Then is Norton with an extremely thorough blocking and removal of 45 out of 55 zero day threats with the help of its sonar, intrusion prevention, and its other tools it successfully removed 90% of the system with an unfortunate poor detection. Then is Kaspersky with a blocking of average detection and average removal. Blocking for it was 44 out of 59 new threats. Mcafee next with a good firewall but dismal blocking and removal: 20 out of 50 threats.