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Interesting and bad Malware

Hello everyone,

I Have a big passion for the malwares - mine is only a hobby - and I like to test the new malwares with the suites of security for check possible vulnerability.

This morning I have uploaded two very bad malwares that I have tested in the last days:

b.css, MD5: 8404200644217e86445d89d1f3ae8fee

wversion.exe, MD5: f5c6b935e47b6a8da4c5337f8dc84f76

Take care.

Sorry for my English, thanks.


Very very bad malware...

Very very bad malware... they have raped 12 AUTOEXEC.BAT, kidnapped 23 CONFIG.SYS and they have been seen with a barely 18 years old PDF file.

Malware names

The first one is listed by Kaspersky Labs as Worm.Win32.AutoRun.gjk, and the second one is Trojan.Win32.KillWin.rt.

more here



...and more

For b.css:;msg327169#msg327169

Sorry but it's in Italian.



This thing .gz zips and password protects .txt and .xml files... very nasty

post sample

i wish you post the 2 files here.