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Using IDA PRO to convert to C

Hey Guys I have been using IDA PRO to decompile the executables. I am able to get the assembly (binary)code from the .exe, but am not able to convert it into C. Anyone here encounter similar problems?? Or did any of you do better by using some other decompiler....

If you want to covert it

If you want to covert it back to C, you either need Hex-Rays plugin or you look through the entire decompiled binary and try to form back the structs which i think will be an uphill task for anyone.

Hey thanks for that

Hey thanks for that suggestion... thats what I thought too...

ida is a disassembler

Ida is not a decompiler. As mentioned in another post, you might try the $$$hex-rays$$$ plugin for IDA which can generate C "pseudo-code" for some binaries.

IDA = Interactive

IDA = Interactive Disaseembler

A decompiler would be something like Valkyrie for Clipper or ReFox for Visual Fox Pro.

yea.. what i meant was a

yea.. what i meant was a disassembler sorry about the confusion