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Vizsec 2009: Visualizing Compiled Executables for Malware Analysis

The Vizsec 2009 program looks to be a pretty exciting this year. Please join us in Atlantic City New Jersey; I will be presenting more visualization techniques for malware. I'm presenting a paper titled "Visualizing Compiled Executables for Malware Analysis." I hope to see you there.

Visualizing Compile Executables for Malware Analysis PDF - This won best paper at the workshop.


Reverse engineering compiled executables is a task with a steep learning curve. It is complicated by the task of translating assembly into a series of abstractions that represent the overall flow of a program. Most of the steps involve finding interesting areas of an executable and determining their overall functionality. This paper presents a method using dynamic analysis of program execution to visually represent the overall flow of a program. We use the Ether hypervisor framework to covertly monitor a program. The data is processed and presented for the reverse engineer. Using this method the amount of time needed to extract key features of an executable is greatly reduced, improving productivity. A preliminary user study indicates that the tool is useful for both new and experienced users.

Any updates from the conference?

Do we have any updates from the Vizsec 2009?


I updated the page with the

I updated the page with the paper.


Thanks for the update.