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Malware analisis under vmware machines


Hi guys, am trying to do some AV rate detection comparsion in a VMware environment for some specific product. Part of my activities includes infect one virtual machine and let the infection spread (or try to...) the others virtual machines in the same virtual network.

But so far am having trouble with some infections (like conficker by example) because it´s Virtualization aware and doesn´t work in VMware machines!

Wich virus/troyans/malware samples that generates network traffic (try to infect other windows machines) could i use in my research that are not aware of virtualization????

The newer samles the better!!!


Well one that comes to mind

Well one that comes to mind and is big in the news right now is Clampi. This trojan spreads across Windows networks by utilizing the PSEXEC tool to copy itself to other machines. The only problem here is Clampi is a very sophisticated piece of malware and almost every part of it uses encryption. Also finding a copy may be difficult. I may actually have this one, but I have to do some more testing to determine whether I have it or not. Once I determine this I will submit here if you wanna take a crack at it.


@nothingelse: I would

@nothingelse: I would greatly appreciate if you do have it.