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Compare the harddrive?

I have a tool to compare the registry for changes before and after infection. I use process explorer to track processes. I use autoruns to track changes to boot programs. What I need now is a tool that scans the the harddrive prior to installation and then scans the harddrive after installation and compares. I'd settle for just files that were created and weren't there prior to installation but I'd prefer something that not only checks for new files but changes to file size. I could do this file by file with some applications but I don't know of any that scan the whole computer. Any ideas?

Check if FingerPrint does

Check if FingerPrint does what you need.

I used to use it and I was satisfied with it.

Make your own stuff

I would suggest that you script it rather than depending on a third party utility. It may sound tough but believe me it will be very easy....Let me know if you like the idea and want to give it a shot. I can do it with batch.

I see no reason to use my

I see no reason to use my own script when other programs will work just as well. That fingerprint program looks exactly like what I need. Thank you! Also, does anyone have an idea of a tool that monitors changes to the device manager or even just saves a log of items in there? I found a good tool for comparing registry already so I'm set there. Thanks again and thanks in advance for any future answers!

Different Case

Right, So I assume your organization is pretty lenient with allowing you to use the freeware's, It's not the same with us....Anyways......

In what moment did he say he

In what moment did he say he belongs to any organization?

I missed it.

No problem at all. Glad you

No problem at all. Glad you like it.