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ooops need help


Okey i downloaded a Maleware called parite.c here and accedently started the .exe file containging the maleware.
I don´t have an antivirus and can´t install one either for some reason. so am i infected now?
Sorry for my baed english, and if this post comes in wrong section
Best regards Warp10

It's a good bet you are.

It's a good bet you are.


This is way kids should not play with matches.
I'm surprised you guessed the default password.


That's a tough spot to be in.

From Sophos's site:
"Once W32/Parite-C has been executed it will remain in memory, infecting every PE and SCR file on every drive and network share."

You might have lucked out. I'd recommend trying an online scanner such as F-Secure to see how bad the infection is. Odds are you will have to recover your data and reformat. Good luck.


Parite infects all the .exe's on your box. You have no choice but to format. Once an .exe spawns, the virus code is appended to the file. You can't do anything without reinfecting yourself over and over again.


Well this sux pretty hard :(, glad im having the hdd in 2 partitions so im not loosing all my fies:)
Thx for the answers anny way :)

ilooked4u: well i got "burnd" and have learned too be more carefull downloading malewares from now. so nothing bad that dosent come whit something good. (or how it should be in english)

Best regards Warp10