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help me out, Win32.sality.NAQ

recently i've been infected with win32.sality.NAQ as nod32 notified me, unfortuantely, This malware is very Robust and with 2 days defensing with it I've got no chance for cleaning my Box ...
I used other 3rd party applications like eset nod32, Spyware doctor, and Malware Bytes' anti-malware but no chance !
it confused me, please help for removing and cleaning my system .
I changed my windows but then it activate automatically and disable my task manager and registry editor, also I need win32.sality.NAQ binary and device driver ,

- p0is0n


Use Norman Malware Cleaner... it helped me but unfortunately i don't have a sample

Wait wait wait...

I start writing virus repair routine for you...
If I successfully hit this then I come back you asking you your email...

(If I am not able to solve your problem by any reasons then At-list I will share links which will help)

Sushant Katare