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Conficker.C domain list for 1st April 2009


by Taneja Vikas

Warning about blocking conficker domains

Beware that the list contains You'll want to remove that and check the list for other legit domains before importing the whole list into your DNS configs.

As with everything verify it

As with everything verify it first.

Modified List ..

Thanks Tim Gurganus to findout .. i removed that entries. That happened as i have taken memory dump .. I think 7 domains are still there ...can somebody verify that?

Are you planning on

Are you planning on generating this per day? Myself, I would really like access to the algorithm. I'm working on blocking this at the firewall for a number of firewalls. I have a way of filtering out active domains and easily creating and applying rules. I just don't know how to generate the list.

Domain generation Tool ...

Now you can generate domain names yourself using this gr8 tool from "Felix Leder and Tillmann Werner"


This isn't my list, just

This isn't my list, just something I linked to.

conficker.c - cctld attractor analysis

Hi to all,
I have been made a smart analysis about cctld generated the pseudo random domain name generator algorithm used by conficker.c.
It's shown that for 6 cctld there is a sort of attractor. If you are interested for this post the link is hxxp:// This kind of analysis it may be used, for example, as indicator when you have to analyze large amount of dns queries or for additional evidence trigger for conficker.c propagation inside corporate network and so on.