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Hi today in my Forum ( Security an Viruses )i've received a Sample of Confliker ( it's an Auto-run File ) .

Link(1): Directly from my Forum ( Sorry but the Forum is in Arabic ) :

link(2) :

PWD : virus

Regrads , Randy

Conficker Extra

Hi Randy

Theres in your sample D/L only a .inf filled with various characters such as a few i'll show here.

[   TdkjJufXACQXwTrqdYPpjbSC]

;  اگِأerھK¯D¥ّoJUqHK­¦emTiv×N¹q÷CڈIogه×f،cىD¾قcح 
ajzLmMmVuIndpuy =lcH


; XVkPّEًAƒïoظzْl¨GOغ¥boeS,

Are we to understand that these will eventually form the malnamed dll that always accompanies Conficker exploit or could you please explain a little more for us.




I browsed you forum, did a bit of translating (google) and found this post.
Would you provide a link for the conficker.c sample.

Conficker_Variants خيارات Options أخبرني بجديد هذا الموضوع
إرسال الموضوع لصديق
طباعة الموضوع
تنزيل / طباعة هذا الموضوع
الإشتراك في هذا المنتدى
طريقة العرض
تحويل للنمط : ملخص
تحويل للنمط : تدريجي

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Nice Forum


Very Nice Research Forum Indeed!!!

I had no issues browsing and in fact the Unique to most of us Arabian Writing Progression is a new refreshing positions that the world is used to. I hope you many happy returns of positive results and keep up the great work there and post here as you feel useful for the OC Community and Welcome!

Was able to pull in all variants so i will definitely be turning these inside out on my own research room & machines and follow the progressions and if lucky maybe rate them as to their stealth ability as well as if my security fence is up to task in meeting these code challenges.

Regards Easter

Randy, I joined, Great


I joined, Great forum! Albeit a bit hard to translate, but definitely worth it.