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new stuff ?

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Does anyone out there have any new malware? I have tons of old stuff im sloggin through but I'm kind of running low on new malware. My collectors pick up unlimited amounts of korgo but nothing really interesting. Aim stuff, new worms, anything? Anyone have anything they are trouble reversing or analysis like maybe with anti debugger code or something?

Ill do a full analysis with lots of info :)


Misc recent stuff

I've got a couple of newish AIM samples, one sample that appears to use tor to find/connect to it's botnet(?), a couple windows kits collected off boxes made into warez servers, a windows xp rootkit, and a good sized linux rootkit found today (still under analysis) :-D

Just hassle me so I get them out this weekend cuz I have time.


Linux rootkit

I'll be interested to see your analysis of the linux rootkit :)

Would appreciate if you could post a sample too.



Windows rootkit

And I'll be happy to analyze that XP rootkit, especially if it's something new :) Now that the finals are over, I have lots of free time.


Some New Analysis

I've been doing some new analysis of some old malware. But I won't have time to post anything for a few days. I don't even have time to type this.