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Launched 5 viruses and nothing happened

Hello all, I am new at antivirus research and I am a little confused?

So I downloaded a bunch of .exe files from this site and ran them just to see what it would do. The files that I downloaded were: (Acid, avalgasil, avalon.814, wimad). I scanned the files and they were flagged by almost every AV scanner. I double Clicked on the .exe files, and then I monitored the system with In Control, Radix, Gmer, HiJackThis, etc. Nothing, Nothing, Nothing at all. No important files changed, or important registry keys added, modified, etc. Nothing?? I don't get it, did I do something wrong?

I am completely dumbfounded because I am getting positive confirmation these are viruses by 30 AV vendors. Am I doing something wrong in my analysis? Why is nothing happening?

because malware corrupted

because malware corrupted

It could be subverting your

It could be subverting your detection systems too.

Internet connection

Were you connected to the internet?

delete AV and monitering

delete AV before double click .exe
and monitering packet.

"delete AV before double

"delete AV before double click .exe
and monitering packet."

Thank you. And which program(s) do you recommend for monitoring packet activity? or just Virus Activity in General?

try using OSSEC!!

try using OSSEC!!

Try this

Wireshark,Ettercap etc.
Also see for a list of similar tools..