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Shmoocon 2009

Tired of being hustled around by thousands of people at the summer Vegas conventions? Do you live on the wrong side of the United States? Do you really want to fill the time in the winter with hacking and interesting technical discourse? Do you like getting pelted by foam balls emblazoned with a strange animal? Come to Shmoocon!

The Shmoo Group puts on a great conference in DC called Shmoocon. Last year I spoke at it and was impressed by the low-key attitude and technical content enough to be an attendee this year. Tickets are a bit hard to come by but if you can get them I strongly recommend you go.

See you there!


definitely worth visiting

I don't kow about the "wrong side of the country" -- I'm a DC resident, but Shmoocon is awesome. It's a fun conference, like Defcon, but still serious enough to have good content. This is my 4th Shmoocon and I'm looking forward to tomorrow!

Matthew Wollenweber