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Heavy Codecpack



Checkout this link every 10 min, ""
Gives you different SHA, same variant of Codecpack

I have got nearly 60 different SHA's


WGET says you dont have to wait anytime at all,go get em all now. :)

If i do the same , i get

If i do the same , i get all same SHA samples.

**** Sriram ****

I stopped at 380 of the 1000

I stopped at 380 of the 1000 i tossed in,out of that I found 274 uniques when broke down.

SHA or MD5 are neither reliable or dependable for me. :(

Just what's a SHA ?

I came into your forum via my quandry over a suspicious download related to "codecdownload.tubedrivers" and I have a lot to learn! Just what's a SHA ?
Happy if you just send me a link or article!

Hi donnieork, basically SHA

Hi donnieork,

basically SHA hash functions are a set of cryptographic hash functions designed by the NSA and published by the NIST. SHA stands for Secure Hash Algorithm. There are currently 3 SHA algorithms.

You could look for more information through here
or via google