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Search forums/website broken?

I have downloaded several variants of the Rustock trojan from the database here. Unfortunately all six that I have tried to run return a win32 mode error. I decided I would search the site for any clues on why I am getting this error. When using the search feature I cannot find anything. I have not received a hit on anything I have performed a search on. I even used words like Obama or Zerowine or virus since those are words I know exist on the site and I still don't get any results. Maybe I am just not using the search properly (if so could you please hit me up with some instructions) but it may be broken.

Broken Samples and Search Feature

A) Virus samples are mostly corrupted or broken; they do not function properly, however they still have malicious code(the reason for the detection).
B) You have to login to use the search feature; and you have to attempt login twice; the first time it rejects you and the second time it finally lets you in :)
Norton AntiVirus 2009


Yeah unfortunately for me I am working on analysing the traffic generated by certain bots, so for that I need functioning ones, but for other purposes I can see why even a malfuntioning piece of malware may be useful.

As for the search, even when logged in I still couldn't seem to get the search feature to function properly (ie return any results.) And I guess I should clarify that I am referring to the Search feature in the lower right and not the Malware Search feature in the upper left which works just fine for me. I just wanted to use the search feature to search through the forum to make sure I am not duplicating a post before posting. Nobody likes a lazy poster.