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AntiVirus 2009 installers


I want zero-day antivirus 2009 installers. Not outdated ones.

Norton AntiVirus 2009

You must be kidding! You are

You must be kidding!

You are nothing more than a whiney bitch who complains about handouts.

Get a fucking life you loser!

This is for my project...

A) This is for my project
B) You don't seem to know what your talking about in the threads or have any quality samples; please stay out.

And if you wish to redeem yourself, find actual quality samples.

Norton AntiVirus 2009

Why 2009 and not 2010? 2010

Why 2009 and not 2010? 2010 is the new hot sh!t. Here is the website. I've also uploaded a sample. Password= infected



Thanks :)

Norton AntiVirus 2009

Are you looking for that ... ?

Are you looking for Fake Security Software ? like let's say these sites ?

rapidspywarescanner .com
live-antiviruspc-scan .com
professional-virus-scan .com
proantiviruscomputerscan .com
bestantivirusfastscan .com
premium-advanced-scanner .com
rapidantiviruspcscan .com
securedserverdownload .com
securedonlinewebspace .com
securedupdateupdatesoftware .com
bestantivirusdefense .com
live-pc-antivirus-scan .com
best-antivirus-protection .com
proantivirusprotection .com
best-anti-virus-scanner .com
best-antivirus-scanner .com
bestantivirusproscanner .com
bestantivirusfastscanner .com
protectedsystemupdates .com
liveantispywarescan .com
live-antispyware-scan .com
internet-antispyware-scan .com

If you're looking for that kind of installers, please refer to Dancho Danchev's Blog and look at the buttom of the post for more links.


detected by only Avira
checked at Jotti


It's a trojan.adclicker by Norton.

Norton AntiVirus 2009

Zero Day LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zero Day LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gain Adware?

I might have some Gain/Gator Adware samples on a cd or something that might help you find something to freak about regarding non quality/old samples ;)
Might take me a week or to go thru my junkware archives tho.