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what is this, KBo2i5m2.exe?


I have been noticing full screen games minimizing for no apparent reason. Sometime while in iexplorer the page would just close suddenly with no errors. Sometime priority windows would just lose focus. Very weird stuff. I used ProcMon for awhile and just watched as I ran through some routines, and I notice this one program pop up on the task manager and procmon, KB02i5m2.exe. When this ran things got unstable. I have done Google search and nothing shows up. ProcMon shows it running UDP transfers via the network even with nothing running. Anyone ever seen this before? I will up;oad it for your perusal, but I do not know how it is installed or how it runs, but it resides in c:\windows\system32 and you have to go into windows Safe mode command prompt to move or delete it.

Please upload and copy/paste

Please upload and copy/paste the MD5 OC gives you.

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