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WARNING: This site contains samples of live malware. Use at your own risk.


md5sum: a3b3f9fb1370d8bc561efd4a2a75af33 *linux_ramen.tar.gz
sha1sum: 3b19e059cd3aba6b762689634451b4a8633408cb linux_ramen.tar.gz

Does this board really allow me to edit other user's articles? Answer: Yes. -- INT 0x21


exe sha1sum: 4605a2d0aae8fa5ec0b72973bea928762cc6d002 win_codred_a.exe
exe md5sum: 6f5767ec5a9cc6f7d195dde3c3939120 *win_codred_a.exe
zip md5sum: 55f9524bbbed7f8ae0850ed01562090b *
info: 4039 Jul 16 2001 win_codred_a.exe

Courtesy:eEye Team
Update: I attached idb that was provided by eEye research team. The idb is fully commented.


exe sha1sum: be4f2b7ca634ce946317acdc54b1423e2f5329ce win_bagle_ai.exe
zip md5sum: 23d344f3b2e5f4dfaa1bdbd56ee39b02 *
exe md5sum: 239644e31ce940a25a8ca907feba0d19 *win_bagle_ai.exe
info: 24010 Jul 20 2004

perl open pipe cgi exploit

This is the perl cgi open pipe metasploit module exploit.
If you have a perl cgi that does something like


someone can make $something_user_inputed = "|/bin/id";

or any other number of evil things.



This is the phpbb_highlight metasploit module exploit. Go to for the framework.



vmstat proof of concept exploit.
Not useful unless vmstat is suid root for some reason.



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sha1sum: bdc843c65e6984b35dd26c53e84338ff3982da2d win_welchia.exe

md5sum: 24837f736517f367a11dcb8bd8ed6306 *win_welchia.exe
info: 12800 Feb 13 2005 win_welchia.exe
zip md5sum: 3913187407b74597753f324bb9818ba5 *