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Sample Requests

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New Duqu variant (mcd9x86.sys)03 years 6 days ago
by the_mfox
Looking for Nimbda53 years 5 days ago
by ih8censorship
2 years 50 weeks ago
by Lord Of The Dragons
Looking for sample rootkit abnow redirect02 years 52 weeks ago
by thetroyandark
Request for dutch banking trojans02 years 51 weeks ago
by KnickLighter
How can I download malware samples from this site automatically?22 years 33 weeks ago
by sherwood
2 years 27 weeks ago
by suniljoseph
Windows 7 malware12 years 32 weeks ago
by ossectest
2 years 25 weeks ago
by avaxa
Ubuntu malware22 years 30 weeks ago
by ossectest
2 years 19 weeks ago
by nemo
Backdoor.Makadocs02 years 18 weeks ago
by skeptre
rop shellcode02 years 14 weeks ago
by siperdana
hi im looking for Sality.AT sample02 years 3 weeks ago
by MalwareLover123
Rootkit .SYS files01 year 31 weeks ago
by sr83
Looking for working CryptoLocker sample11 year 16 weeks ago
by fc
2 weeks 20 hours ago
by al_1963
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