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Well, after a lot of time of development (a couple of months) I've decided to speak in public about my new tool.

Malzilla is a tool for malware-hunters. It contains downloader/HTML browser, JavaScript interpreter based on Mozilla SpiderMonkey, some decoders for various types of encoded data (used on web sites) etc, all in order to find the download link to the malicious file.

Here is the Part 1 of the introduction to Malzilla


I'm dealing with a large amount of files every day (guess which kind of files), and major part are different kind of installers (Wise, Inno Setup, NSIS...).
Some of them can be unpacked by using specialized tools. The problem is that none of those tools are updated recently, or they do not support all the versions of the installer they claim to unpack.
During the time, on my HDD was growing a collection of installers that I could not unpack.

Yesterday I got to an idea :)
Someone here may remember the old DOS days. There was a program named Ripper (latest version I have had was 2.91), that could rip multimedia files from the games.

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