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Offended by offensive computing

Please check the attachment :)

Unrecognized malware!

Uploaded: A file called 'Windows Picture And Fax Viewer.pif', which was sent in a link via AIM. All I know about it is that it's not packed with UPX.

I'm totally a newb to this sort of thing.

MD5(Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.pif)= e57d647eed5a6ff815cd472fee90b1ba
SHA1(Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.pif)= a1a9c7ae90f9a285223faa26e033755615a2ab57
SHA256(Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.pif)= fcbb213c123ad91942018b91576b17e6a60affcdc3e826152f021a7c13cecffc

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